Philip Wheeler’s Qualifications & Awards


Doctor of Medical Acupuncture DMAC (Western)

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Degree (Lic.Ac.TCM) (Eastern)

Scalp Acupuncture (Western Neuro-Acupuncture) L1,2, & 3

The Major Organs Masters L6

Extraordinary Meridians Masters L6

Medical Tendon Acupuncture L5 Diploma

Auricular Acupuncture L3 Certificate

Battlefield Acupuncture (pain relief protocol) L3 Certificate

NADA Acupuncture Addiction & Detoxification Protocol L3 Certificate

Back and Cautionary Needling L5 Certificate

Electro Acupuncture L5 Certificate

Facial and Body Cosmetic Acupuncture L5 Certificate

Chakra Acupuncture L4 Certificate

Electro-Acupuncture Medicine (EAM) Pathophysiology and Treatment of Headaches & Migraines

Medical & Health

SARS-COV-2 IGG/IGM Antibody Test (official NHS Covid testing) Certificate

Advanced PRP and PRF for Medical Aesthetics and MSK Conditions

Medical Injections – Including Vitamins, Kenalog, & Testosterone etc

Medical Phlebotomy and Blood Testing L4 Diploma

Mycology Nutrition (Medical Mushroom Prescriber)

Genova Diagnostic Certified (Trained directly with the Genova team)

Genova Diagnostic registered Phlebotomist

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Auriculotherapy

Foundations of Electrical Diagnosis

E-Qi Clinical Strategies & Best Practices

Nursing Studies and Patient Care Diploma

Nursing Studies – Physical Examinations Certificate

Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy Certificate

Human Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

Electromagnetic Therapy Certificate

Health and Safety Diploma

Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

Food Hygiene Diploma

Diet and Nutrition

Mycology Nutrition (Medical Mushroom Prescriber)

Nursing Studies – Diet Therapy Certificate

AFN Nutrition Consultant Diploma

Human Health – Diet and Nutrition Certificate

Advanced Principles of Nutrition Certificate

Nutri Advanced Practitioner Certificate

Eastern and Western Diet Concepts Certificate

Professional Chef L3 Diploma from Westminster

Manual Therapies

Tuina Medical Massage and Chiropractic Manipulations L5 Masters Certificate

Tuina Medical Massage Including Spinal and Joint Manipulations L5 Masters Diploma

Sports Massage Therapy L4 Certificate

Sports Massage Therapy L3 Diploma

NMR and PNF Stretching L4 Certificate

International Massage Diploma

Reflexology Diploma

Eastern and Indian Head Massage Diploma

Swedish Massage Diploma

Lomi Lomi Massage Diploma

Hot Stone Massage Diploma

Thai Foot Massage Diploma

Pregnancy Massage Diploma

Aromatherapy Diploma

Eastern Therapies

Cupping and Moxibustion Diploma

Advanced Chinese Medical Cupping Certificate

Gua Sha Therapy Certificate

Chinese Bloodletting L5 Certificate

Chinese Plum Blossom Certificate

Chinese Moxibustion L5 Certificate

Japanese Moxibustion L5 Certificate

Japanese Hara and Classical Pulse Diagnosis L4 Certificate


Chinese Medicine for Mental Health Certificate

Human Behaviour Diploma

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Certificate

Shear Haven Domestic Violence Training Certificate

Energy Therapies

Intuitive Energy Healer

Angel Reiki Certificate

Usui Reiki Certificate

Personal Training & Fitness

Personal Trainer L3 Diploma

Fitness Coach & Gym Instructor L2 Certificate

PTA Global Bridging Course Diploma

Physical Education Principles for Vulnerable People Certificate

Personal Health and Fitness for Children Certified Certificate

Power Plate Instructor Certificate

Advanced Kettlebell Instructor Certificate

ViPR Instructor Certificate

TRX Instructor & Teacher Certificate

Wattbike Instructor Certificate

Aesthetics and Cosmetic Therapies

Facial and Body Cosmetic Acupuncture L5 Certificate

Advanced PRP and PRF for Medical Aesthetics and MSK Conditions

Dermapen – DermaPenWorld Certificate

Microneedling & Dermapen L4 Certificate

Dermaplane L4 Certificate

MediK8 Cosmeceuticals for Skin Therapists Certificate

Skin Anatomy and Physiology Certificate

Facial Cupping Certificate

Facial Gua Sha Certificate

Varicose & Spider Vein Reduction Certificate

Scar Reduction Certificate

Cellulite and Fat Reduction Certificate

Pattern & Premature Baldness Certificate

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