Internal Health

Anything is possible with the combination of Functional and Regenerative Medicine

Internal Health

What is Internal Health?

Internal Health, or Internal Medicine, represents a medical branch dedicated to diagnosing and non-surgically treating infections and diseases within the body. This encompasses various aspects, including organs, joints, the immune and digestive systems, chronic inflammation, and certain chronic illnesses.

Following Conventional Medicine

Common Treatment Paths and Outcomes

Conventional medicine views the body as a machine with individual working parts and components which are replaceable. Lifestyle changes are often suggested, but based on the general population, not the individual, and medication is usually the only answer. As conventional medicine is slow on the uptake that all cells in the human body have the ability to repair, operations and transplants of joints, structures, or organs are often advised once a course or trial of many drugs and rehabilitation has failed.

Why Choose Us

PW Therapy’s Approach and Common Outcomes

We know your body is not a machine such as a car or a computer. Instead, it is an evolutional miracle made of around 30 trillion living cells all communicating with each other and their environment. From our ape-like ancestors to modern-human it has taken approximately six million years, and that’s not including the time it took from the single-cell organism to evolve into the first ape. It’s for this reason, that we can confidently say no one is born with extra parts which are easily replaceable, and the human body knows exactly what it’s doing, even when it appears to be going wrong.

At PW Therapy we marry our profound knowledge of Functional Medicine with a holistic lifestyle pattern, recognising that your health is intertwined with your lifestyle choices. Gaining a comprehensive view of your health involves considering all aspects of your life, from diet and physical activity to stress levels and environmental factors.

This integrative approach empowers us to tailor diagnostic and treatment strategies to your unique needs, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the quest to uncover the root causes of your health challenges.

With the knowledge we gain from your blood chemistry, functional analysis, and diagnostic matrix, we empower you with the ability to speed up the reaeration process.

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions

Any question that are not answered below please contact us and we will be happy to help in any way possible.

Functional Medicine is a patient-centred approach that explores the intricate workings of the body to identify and address underlying imbalances. Unlike conventional medicine which waits until sicknesses and disease have set in, it focuses on preventive measures by spotting patterns and trends in advance. However, when the disease is present Functional Medicine excels at identifying the root causes rather than only addressing symptom management.

Lifestyle choices play a significant role in internal health. Our integrative approach considers factors like diet, physical activity, stress levels, and environmental influences, recognising their impact on overall well-being and tailoring treatment accordingly.

Science tells us that the interactions between genes and the environment shape human development. Despite the misconception that genes are ‘set in stone’, research shows that our environment and experiences can determine how genes are turned on and off — and even whether some are expressed at all.

Just because a certain condition, disease, or ailment such as diabetes, cancer, or being overweight, just to name a few, runs in the family, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to happen to us. Our genes may carry information, but whether we experience those things depends on our lifestyle choices. It’s like being born with a loaded gun, we have the choice whether to fire it or not. PW Therapy can help you put the gun down, as well as help limit the damage once the gun has been fired.

The timeline for results varies based on individual health conditions. Our personalised approach aims for sustainable improvements, and the treatment plan, including timelines, will be discussed with you based on your unique circumstances.

Understanding and addressing internal health requires a multifaceted approach, utilising a diverse spectrum of factors. To effectively identify and target the root causes of health issues, it's essential to employ a range of diagnostic and investigative techniques.

At PW Therapy, our foundation is rooted in an extensive understanding of Functional Medicine—a patient-centred approach that delves deep into the intricate workings of the body to identify and address underlying imbalances.

Yes, our approach involves a range of diagnostic and investigative techniques to comprehensively understand and address internal health issues. These techniques are tailored to everyone’s unique health profile and will be discussed in the consultation, but are commonly based on our compressive lifestyle matrix, blood chemistry which looks at organ health, cardiovascular checks, and internal functional diagnostics including important factors such as DNA profiling, nutritional analysis to understand your unique Krebs cycle, methylation process, and electron transport chain, and much more.

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