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Regenitive & Functional Medicine

We not only make you feel good. We make sure that you are good.

Irrespective of the given diagnosis or prognosis, our comprehensive approaches to assessment and treatment are tailored to deliver a significant impact.

Common Conditions We See

Specialists In Seeing Conditions Of All Complexity

Conditions We See

Internal Health

Conditions We See

Cancer Care

Conditions We See

Pain Management

Conditions We See


Conditions We See


PW Therapy

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Transforming Our Patient's Lives.
Why Choose Us

We deliver excellence in patient healing.

We see patients globally, offering in-person consultations and telehealth video conferencing. Our research in Epilepsy and Long-Covid via the use of Integrative Medicine, along with our achievements in stroke, paralysis, organ health, and rare immune conditions, has solidified our reputation as the preferred clinic for solutions and support. In recognition of our excellence, we’ve been honoured with the 2023 Best Neurological Medical Specialist accolade in the Global Health and Pharma awards.

Experience and Expertise

With over 16 years of extensive expertise spanning the fields of medicine, nutrition, health & fitness, and overall well-being, PW Therapy is the number one choice of healthcare for many.

Integrative Healthcare

Integrating cutting-edge scientific research, techniques, and approaches, with a holistic and functional perspective, we achieve superior outcomes, ensuring the identification and treatment of root causes

Friendly and Professional

We firmly believe that transparency and effective communication are essential elements in obtaining the trust necessary for achieving transformative results.

High-Quality Service

We are committed to delivering top-tier treatments. Our approach involves comprehensive testing that establish quantifiable and measurable benchmarks.


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Receive top-tier care from one of the UK's most integrative clinics.

Start your journey to a pain-free, joyful, and healthy life today.

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