Philip Journey

Philip’s love for all things Eastern started at the age of 8 when his late Grandad signed him up for Karate classes, and by the age of 19 he had his full adult black belt and was competing monthly around the UK. Philip continued Karate up till the age of 30, as well as exploring many other martial arts. What Philip didn’t realise as a child was his martial arts teachers were teaching him more than just self-defence, they were teaching him how to control his mind and body, as well as the healing aspects which all true martial arts contain. This would become a pivotal part of future Philip’s life choices.

Philip has now been doing martial arts for 32 years and has ventured into the art of Brazilian Jitsu which he started under the late Professor Nick Brooks and is now studying under 7-time European Champion Professor David Onuma and the excellent team at CFS in London.

Philip’s working career initially started as a professional chef. Inspired by his late Nan who was a cook at the local secondary school, Philip went on to study at the world-famous Westminster College in Vincent Square where he completed his 3 years Diploma as well as being awarded the Westminster Diploma. Philip went on to work for a host of well-known chefs including Albert Roux, and one of his top highlights was cooking for Prince William and Harry.

Still working as a chef and competing in martial arts, Philip wanted to add nutrition to his skillset to improve his physical health. One thing led to another, and he found himself working as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in the heart of London after completing his advanced training with Premier Global NASM. His clients would get master classes in nutrition, cooking lessons, Eastern-inspired fitness sessions, and meditation.
Philip very quickly became a sort after trainer, and he attracted many TV personalities, celebrities, and athletes with his personal favourite being British actor Damian Lewis who came to him in preparation for the award-winning American drama Homeland.

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