Menopause Plus™ #4112 (Saliva)


Quick Dispatch, Hassle-Free Returns, Professional Results

Convenient Delivery:

  • Direct to Your Home: PW Therapy partners with top laboratories to deliver test kits right to your door after you make a purchase. We handle all outgoing postage costs.
  • Delivery Timeline: Expect your kit within five working days, although this may shift due to external circumstances beyond our control. 

Simple Test Return Procedure:

  • Return Options: Once you’ve completed the test, send it back to the lab using the pre-provided courier slip or choose to use Royal Mail services.
  • Cost-Effective Return: Sending your test back to us is economical, with postage to the labs costing only £5-10.

Prompt Results Processing:

  • Results in 48 Hours: After PW Therapy receives your test results, we commit to processing and sending them to you within 48 hours.
  • Expert Consultations Available: For a detailed understanding of your results and tailored advice on next steps, please book a consultation with our specialist team.


About the Test

Menopause Plus™ is a comprehensive salivary hormone test that evaluates levels of key hormones, including DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin, in both women and men. This test includes CAR. To enhance clinical utility, patient results are provided in comparison to standard reference ranges for various healthy cohorts and in comparison, to a cohort of supplemented peri/menopausal women.

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